Best Best Free Software For Mockups

Best Best Free Software For Mockups

Best Best Free Software For Mockups

Craft Enchanting Mockups with the Best Free Software

In the realm of design, mockups are indispensable tools that empower designers to showcase their ideas with remarkable realism. These digital representations of real-world objects serve as tangible simulations, enabling designers to evaluate their concepts before investing in physical production.

Fortunately, the world of digital design is teeming with an abundance of free software specifically tailored for creating mockups. Each software offers a unique blend of features, from basic templates to advanced customization options, catering to a diverse range of design needs.

To guide you in this vast digital landscape, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive list of the best free mockup software, each meticulously assessed for its ease of use, versatility, and ability to produce stunning visuals.

1. Figma

Figma reigns supreme as a cloud-based collaborative design platform that seamlessly integrates mockup creation into its feature-rich ecosystem. With Figma, you can effortlessly drag and drop design elements onto pre-built mockup templates or customize them to match your specific vision. Its intuitive interface and extensive library of assets make it a top choice for both beginners and seasoned designers.

2. Adobe XD

Adobe XD, another industry-standard software, offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for UI/UX designers. Its robust mockup capabilities allow you to create interactive prototypes, preview designs on different devices, and collaborate with team members in real-time. Adobe XD’s integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications further enhances its versatility.

3. Sketch

Exclusively available for macOS users, Sketch is a vector-based design software renowned for its precision and user-friendliness. Its comprehensive mockup features include the ability to import 3D models, generate multiple artboards, and export high-resolution images. Sketch’s vibrant community also offers a plethora of plugins and resources to extend its functionality.

4. Canva

Canva, a cloud-based design platform, caters to a wide range of users, including non-designers. Its user-friendly interface and vast library of templates, including mockups, make it a breeze to create professional-looking designs. Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality and simplified sharing options streamline the design process, making it ideal for quick and easy mockups.

5. Vectr

Vectr is a free web-based vector graphics editor that offers a surprisingly robust set of mockup creation tools. Despite its simplicity, Vectr allows you to import custom shapes, create complex compositions, and export high-quality images. Its intuitive interface and collaborative features make it a great option for both individual and team-based projects.


GIMP, a free and open-source image editing software, provides advanced mockup capabilities that rival commercial software. Its extensive toolset includes layer management, masking, and photo manipulation features that empower you to create highly realistic mockups. GIMP’s scripting capabilities further enhance its versatility, enabling automation and customization.

7. Inkscape

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor that excels at creating precise and scalable mockups. Its comprehensive drawing tools, text manipulation capabilities, and path editing features provide designers with the control and flexibility they need to produce intricate designs. Inkscape’s compatibility with SVG file format ensures seamless integration with other design software.

8. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a feature-packed design software that offers both desktop and web-based versions. Its intuitive interface and extensive mockup templates make it easy to create realistic presentations. Gravit Designer’s non-destructive editing capabilities allow for seamless modifications, ensuring that your mockups remain flexible and adaptable.

9. Photopea

Photopea, a cloud-based image editor, emulates the functionality of Adobe Photoshop, offering a comprehensive set of mockup creation tools. Its advanced layer management, masking, and adjustment features empower you to create stunningly realistic mockups directly in your browser. Photopea’s compatibility with PSD files ensures seamless integration with Photoshop workflows.

10. Lunacy

Lunacy is a free and open-source design software specifically tailored for creating mockups and user interfaces. Its intuitive interface and extensive library of templates make it easy to create professional-looking mockups. Lunacy’s built-in prototyping capabilities allow you to preview your designs in interactive mode.

Choosing the Right Software for Your Needs

Selecting the optimal mockup software depends on your specific requirements and design preferences. Consider the following factors to make an informed decision:

  • Ease of Use: If you’re new to mockup creation, prioritize software with a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools.
  • Versatility: Opt for software that offers a range of mockup templates, customization options, and compatibility with various file formats.
  • Collaboration: If you work with a team, consider software that supports real-time collaboration and sharing features.
  • Features: Assess the specific features you require, such as 3D modeling, prototyping, or export options, and choose software that meets your needs.
  • Cost: While all the software mentioned in this article is free, some offer paid versions with additional features. Determine if the free version meets your requirements or if an upgrade is necessary.


1. What are the benefits of using mockup software?

Mockup software provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Visualization of Ideas: Mockups bring your design concepts to life, allowing you to evaluate their visual impact and functionality.
  • Client Presentations: Mockups enhance client presentations by showcasing your designs in a professional and engaging manner.
  • Design Evaluation: Mockups facilitate design evaluation, enabling you to identify areas for improvement before investing in production.
  • Improved Communication: Mockups facilitate effective communication between designers, clients, and stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and errors.
  • Time-Saving: Mockups can save time by eliminating the need for physical prototyping and costly revisions.

2. Can I use free mockup software for commercial purposes?

Most free mockup software is licensed under open-source or limited commercial use agreements. It’s essential to carefully review the software’s license terms to ensure that you are permitted to use it for your specific commercial applications.

3. Are there any paid mockup software options available?

Yes, there are several paid mockup software options available, such as Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and CorelDRAW. These paid software typically offer more advanced features, expanded functionality, and premium support compared to free software.

4. How do I choose the right mockup software for my project?

Consider the following factors when choosing mockup software:

  • Type of Mockup: Determine the specific type of mockup you require, such as website, mobile app, or packaging design.
  • Design Complexity: Assess the complexity of your design and choose software that can handle your requirements.
  • Collaboration Needs: Consider if you need software that supports team collaboration and sharing features.
  • Export Options: Ensure that the software allows you to export your mockups in the desired file formats and resolutions.
  • Budget: Establish a budget and research software that fits within your financial constraints.


With the plethora of free mockup software available, designers can unleash their creativity and produce stunningly realistic mockups that elevate their presentations and streamline their design workflows. By carefully selecting the software that best aligns with their specific needs, designers can unlock the full potential of this invaluable design tool and achieve remarkable results.

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