Free Square Soda Can Mockup Free

Free Square Soda Can Mockup Free

Free Square Soda Can Mockup Free

Free Square Soda Can Mockup: Elevate Your Beverage Branding


In the competitive beverage industry, captivating product packaging plays a crucial role in attracting consumers. A well-designed can mockup can showcase your brand’s identity, create a lasting impression, and drive sales. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key elements of creating a professional square soda can mockup using a free template.

Understanding Mockups

A mockup is a realistic representation of a physical product, allowing you to visualize and present your designs in a professional setting. It provides a comprehensive preview of how your artwork will appear on the actual product, enabling you to make informed design decisions.

Square Soda Can Mockup: An Ideal Choice

Square soda cans offer a unique and contemporary packaging option, standing out from the traditional cylindrical shape. Their sleek and modern aesthetic complements a wide range of beverage brands, from craft sodas and energy drinks to alcoholic beverages and mixers. A square soda can mockup allows you to experiment with different design elements and create a visually appealing presentation that captures the essence of your brand.

Key Elements of a Professional Mockup

Before creating your mockup, it’s essential to understand the key elements that contribute to its effectiveness:

  • High-Resolution Image: The mockup template should provide a high-resolution image of the square soda can, ensuring clarity and sharpness in your final design.
  • Editable Artwork: The template should allow you to easily add and edit your artwork, including logos, branding elements, and product information.
  • Customizable Background: The ability to customize the background of your mockup provides flexibility in creating different scenes and environments that complement your brand.
  • Realistic Effects: The mockup should include realistic effects such as shadows, highlights, and reflections, adding depth and dimension to your design.

Free Square Soda Can Mockup Template

To create your free square soda can mockup, download the PSD (Photoshop) template provided below. This high-quality template offers a realistic representation of a square soda can, allowing you to showcase your designs in a professional manner:

Download Free Square Soda Can Mockup Template

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Mockup Template

Follow these steps to create your personalized square soda can mockup:

  1. Import Artwork: Open the PSD template in Photoshop and import your artwork into the designated layer. You can use a combination of text, images, and graphics to create your design.
  2. Adjust Placement and Size: Position and resize your artwork to fit the can’s dimensions. Use the transform tools to scale and rotate your design as needed.
  3. Add Branding Elements: Include your brand’s logo, typography, and any other branding elements that you want to feature on the can. Ensure that these elements are clear and legible.
  4. Customize Background: Choose a background color or image that complements your design and brand. You can use the background layer to create a specific scene or environment.
  5. Apply Effects: Adjust the lighting, shadows, and reflections to create a realistic look. Experiment with different settings until you achieve the desired effect.
  6. Save and Export: Once satisfied with your mockup, save the file in a high-resolution format such as JPEG or PNG. This will allow you to use your mockup in presentations, marketing materials, and online platforms.


1. Can I use the free mockup template for commercial purposes?

Yes, the free square soda can mockup template is available for both personal and commercial use. You can use it to create mockups for your own products or for clients.

2. What software do I need to use the mockup template?

You will need Adobe Photoshop or a similar image editing software to use the PSD template.

3. Can I edit the can’s shape or dimensions?

No, the free mockup template does not allow you to edit the can’s shape or dimensions. The template is designed to provide a realistic representation of a square soda can.

4. Can I add my own custom background image?

Yes, you can replace the background layer with your own custom background image. This allows you to create mockups in different scenes and environments.

5. How can I achieve a realistic metallic effect on the can?

To create a realistic metallic effect on the can, use a combination of gradient fills, layer styles, and blending modes. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired metallic look.


Creating a professional square soda can mockup is essential for showcasing your beverage brand in a captivating and effective manner. By using the free template provided, you can easily customize and edit your design, ensuring a realistic and impactful presentation. Remember to pay attention to the key elements of a professional mockup, such as high-resolution images, editable artwork, customizable backgrounds, and realistic effects. With creativity and attention to detail, you can create stunning square soda can mockups that elevate your brand and entice consumers.

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